For Recreational Vehicles; DataStorm Two-Internet RV Satellite Systems

If you own an RV and like to take long trips for months on end in your motor home and tour North America, then may I recommend the ultimate in Internet two-satellite systems. You see MotoSat has an Internet Broadband antenna, which can connect you any time and anywhere to the Internet via satellite. How well does it work? Well as one of the first beta testers I can tell you that I have personally used it in all 48 continental states and Nova Scotia and many of the Canadian Provinces.

Why is DataStorm the system to have? Well their new D3 system has even out done the D2 system and allows for simplistic operations and easy automatic location of the satellite by merely pressing a single button. Additionally it can find the satellite from nearly any angle or incline that your motor home or RV is parked at.

Why do I like this system? Simple really it gives me the freedom to go where I want and when I want and retrieve my emails or use the internet to stay in touch with others. It allows me to set my own schedule or no schedule at all and best of all it allows me to stay on the road as long as I please to tour this great nation, so, please consider all this in 2006.

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