Five Steps of Service Executed By Apple Service Centers

Apple is one famous brand for gadgets like computers and mobiles. Every time the latest range of Apple products is out, people go bonkers over it. This is due to the fact that Apple has always offered a new and innovative experience to its customers. No doubt most of the customers don't even require a lot of convincing to buy Apple products. Not just this! Apple is also famous for its after sale services delivered by authentic Apple service centers. These service centers have a skilled and trained team of professionals who not just fix Apple product problems but also educate the customer on how to use the device effectively.

The Apple service center has formed an effective method of training its employees to communicate with the customers and deliver them efficient solutions. It's called " The Apple Five Steps of Service " and every employee at the Apple care is given proper training with regard to these five steps.

Let's go through the explanation of each step.

Step 1

Approach with a personalized, warm welcome. The first impression is the last impression, so employees must make sure to greet every customer in a friendly manner. This covey your commitment to customer service and forms a great impression on the customer. The first few seconds of the interaction form the customer's perception about the experience, so you must ensure to make those seconds count.

Step 2

Probe politely to understand all the customer's needs. Every employee should first ask a few closed and open-ended questions to better understand the customer's needs. With more questions an employee asks to the customer the better he will be able to match the customer with the right product. So as an employee, you must ask the customer about his budget, the purpose of buying a specific product and also ask if the customer is buying the apple product for the first time. This will certainly help the employee understand the needs of the customer in a better way and hence will be able to guide efficiently.

Step 3

Present the solution for the customer to take home today. Apple's specialists are not focused on selling a particular product rather their focus is on enhancing their customer's experience. This means that if a customer does not wish to buy a product today, then the employee should provide him with a solution rather than asking him to buy the product now. As an employee, you can simply ask the customer to shop online or show him how can he buy the product later and also tell him about personal pickup. At the Apple store, the employee's aim is to bring the customer back to the store.

Step 4

Listen for and resolve any issues or concerns. Sometimes customers aren't able to express their concerns more clearly. The Apple store specialists are trained to find out those concerns and provide the customer with some additional information that may be useful for them. A specialist must spend time to uncover those hidden concerns of the customers and give them an appropriate solution.

Step 5

End with a fond farewell and an invitation to return. While wrapping up the conversation, an Apple specialist always tries to give the customer a reason to come back. Even if the customer has bought the product, you must encourage him to come back and know the latest tips about using the product. An impression ending is equally important as an impression beginning of a conversation.

At the end of the conversation, the customer visiting Apple service center should feel an emotional bonding with the employee he spoke to. He should feel free to return any time and know more about the product he bought or wish to buy. This is how an effective customer service should be.

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