Exploding From Sissy to Seismic

I love the color gray, but then again, I also hate the color gray.

Grey is a very nice color for some things: like a business suit, warm fuzzy socks, or even hair! But it’s a really sorry color for your life, for copywriting, internet business marketing, important first dates, fast fancy race cars, lipstick, etc.

Red Hot Passion is anything but gray – that’s why they call it “Red Hot”!

Political Correctness is so gray it’s pathetic.

Detailed Specifics are not gray.

Generalization is VERY gray, and when you generalize you loose the people you wanted to reach.

Want to make a difference in life or in this world? Want to stand out from all the other gray people around you? Want your message to be heard by all those gray people? Then you want to be brilliant and vibrant. You need to be as dynamic as you can. You do not want to be a gray person or have a gray personality – you’ll get lost in the fray.

This is exactly why celebrities do such strange and stupid things. It gets attention and media coverage. It gets people talking about them (the gray people that is). The media coverage and talking usually translates into more money in their pockets. I also think that some celebrities become so addicted to it that they can’t stop doing strange things!

Like those funny and flamboyant mating dances some birds do, the biggest showoff and most colorful male gets to mate and pass on his genes to the next generation! I really think it’s built into the deep recesses of our cerebral cortex too – that’s why we can’t help but pay attention to the strange and stupid. The end result: more people watch stupid and worthless reality shows than care about real suffering and real reality. More people care about and read about Tiger Woods than the programs our leaders are voting to pass.

But how does this help or hinder life, money, and happiness? How can we use this information when it comes to making money, selling something, writing ad copy, internet business marketing, or just living the best life we can? Easy: be the colorful bird!

Make your copy interesting and vivid – if it’s dull, throw it out and start over. Make your presentation colorful, if it puts people to sleep, you failed and need to pump it up. Take a stand – you have opinions – use them! Don’t play it safe at all. Too many people are obsessed with being politically correct: it’s an epidemic of grayness!

Playing it safe and trying to please everyone and not insult or offend anyone will NOT get you ahead. You’ll just be one more invisible person. If you want your life to sizzle then you need to have some HEAT!

But what if you’re hopeless? Maybe you just have a dull gray personality and just can’t seem to find any color whatsoever? One trick people use is roll playing. Pretend you’re someone else. Sometimes I go into my crazy TV Evangelist alter ego! I Scream and holler and make wild motions with my hands! I jump around! You can do that too. Maybe when it’s time for you to write, or work on ad copy, or even go out on a date, you put on a special jacket, shirt, or shoes. And KA-BAM! You’re now nine shades of hi-gloss hot-red passion instead of the usual flat gray!

Fear is the problem. It takes courage to stand out from the crowd! I know that inside even the most subdued and dull person there’s a bright star wanting to get out. It’s fear that keeps their starlight locked-up inside: just like a black hole stops even it’s own light from escaping.

So GET FIRED UP! Get some PERSONALITY! Go from wuss to WONDER, from plain to PASSIONATE, from dull to DAZZLING, from empty to EMPHATIC, from so-so to SO WHAT, from sissy to SEISMIC! Be the colorful bird!

Fred Black

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